Hook & Hunting: Ice Fishing Safety

‘Tis the season for ice fishing.

Those at Pilgrim Village Resort and Fishing Shop in Cadillac say they’re getting busier.

They say anglers are already out on Lake Mitchell.

But since it’s relatively early in the season, it’s essential for fishermen to check that ice is thick enough.

However, no matter what time in the season it is, it’s important to have a few things with you.

“Get yourself a pair of ice spikes.  Should you fall in, this is a very inexpensive item that will save your life. You’ll be able to claw your way out with these.” Says Steven Knaisel, owner of Pilgram Village Fishing Shop

He says it’s also a good idea to keep a link of rope, about 50 feet long with a weight on it, while you’re out fishing.

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