Northern Michigan Businesses Excited For Snow And Ice

"We are off to a slow start. In December we were down 25 to 50 percent compared to last December and we are just hoping for the best I think what can you do," said Julie Finch.

Record breaking warmer temperatures have put Northern Michigan businesses behind heading into 2016. That’s because many rely on snow and ice. Without it, business is slow.

"We are just doing our staffing on a day to day basis trying to see how much staff we need, we just have people on call to see whether we will be busy," said Julie Finch.

Places like Coyote Crossing are finally seeing a normal stream of people, thanks to skiers and snow mobilers vising the area. But Cadillac is still missing ice, and fisherman.

"We are still waiting for ice for the ice fisherman. Without these three different segments of the economy Cadillac is empty. It not only affects us it affects the motels, the gas stations, the restaurants everyone in town," said Steve Knaisel.

The owner of Pilgrim’s Village is doing his best to keep people posted on when the lake will finally freeze over.

"People from downstate want to fish. And they call and they call and they call and so far we haven’t been giving them the right conditions," said Steve Knaisel.

It’s not ready just yet, but that could change soon.

"It’s not safe yet but they are calling for some very extremely cold weather some single digits coming up and that should make ice," said Steve Knaisel.

As they anticipate more snow and ice, the damage has already been done.

"Business has been terrible we desperately need snow and ice the whole town has been empty," said Steve Knaisel.