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Traverse City Prepares to Host 7th Annual CherryT Ball Drop

Set up is already underway in downtown Traverse City for Thursday night’s New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Thursday night marks the seventh annual CherryT Ball Drop at the corner of Front and Park in downtown Traverse City.

That’s where 9 & 10’s Lynsey Mukomel joins us with an update on how things are running so far.

We are still hours away but you can already feel the excitement. 

I’m standing in front of the cherry that will get hoisted up around nine.

This is the seventh year of the CherryT Ball Drop and organizer expect this year to be the biggest yet.

“We’re expecting quite a few people, its forty degrees warmer than last year. It was subzero last year and we still had 10,000 people down here so we expect a little more.” Says Dean rose, co-founder.

Thousands will pack into the corner of Front Street and Park for the celebration, which is months in the making.

“We take the spring of technically but we’re meeting once a month getting things together. We had to do a lot of things with the city police department to make sure we’re all squared on that end.”

After all of the hard work and planning. Now all that’s left is closing down the street. Getting out the barricades and getting the ball ready to ring in 2016.

Its tonight that makes the hours of planning worth it.

“It’s fun to see everyone enjoying themselves watching 10 to 15 thousand people in the bitter cold in Northern Michigan dancing in the street is something that’s actually kind of fun.”

Thursday night is also for charity.

People are encouraged to bring a $3 donation or some nonperishable food items.

Everything collected will go towards Michael’s Place and the Father Fred Foundation.

A magician is also a part of this year’s CherryT Ball Drop celebrations

This magic show is a great option for families with kids and a way to spend some time downtown in anticipation of the ball drop at midnight.

“Family friendly show I like to hear my shoes and make them look like a Pixar movie so that even though the kids are having a good time the adults will get a lot out of it as well.” Says magician, Ben Whiting.

Magician Ben Whiting has been performing for over a decade.

And Thursday night’s show, like last years, will also benefit this year’s CherryT Ball Drop charity.

“We’re just going to have a great time because all the proceeds from the show are going to benefit a local charity Michael’s Place

Audiences will see your typical tricks and illusions plus even some mind reading.

A full show that Ben says will keep every audience member on the edge of their seat.

“Every show is different were really going to take it up a notch there’s not going to be a bad seat in the house whether you’re I the back row of the balcony or in front row you’re going to have a great time

Tickets are $10, $20 or $30 dollars depending on where you want to sit and again this all benefits Michael’s Place.

Michael’s Place is one of those charities that helps those grieving in the region.

“Everything we do is here locally we have a lot of grieving families so anything we can get we don’t charge for services so any donations is just going back to families.” Says Robin Flannery of Michael’s place

Funds from both magic shows goes directly to Michael’s Place.

“We are a local nonprofit we are a support center for those who are grieving the death of a loved one so we offer support and advocacy for kids teens and adults.”

For them getting involved in a positive celebration will go a long way in supporting their cause of getting families back on their feet after a tragedy.

“We say it’s a safe place to shed your tears but a great place to find your laughter again so a part of something like this where people can come out and enjoy it but realize they’re helping others in the community who may be grieving is great

And all the food being collected at the entrances is going to the Father Fred Foundation.