Traverse City Police NYE Safety Precautions

While everyone is busy having fun at the Cherry T Ball drop first responders are making sure they’re safe.

Traverse City Police Sergeant Keith Gillis says, “We want to make sure everybody has fun and you know has a good time they get home safe and the event goes off without any problems.”

Thursday night law enforcement’s number one priority is safety.

In order to make sure the fun stays just that…the Traverse City Police Department will have extra patrols on the road and in the crowd.

Sgt. Gillis says, “We have extra patrols in the downtown area and through the cherry ball drop event and obviously we have some of our reserve officers along with our regular officers down there on foot.”

 But as officers make sure the ball drop goes as planned they’re also concerned about the after parties New Year’s Eve is known for.

“It’s usually known for people drinking too much and getting behind the wheel of their vehicle and making a bad a decision as far as driving,” Says Sgt. Gillis. “If there’s any doubt in their mind that they think they might be too intoxicated they probably shouldn’t be driving.”

Police say it’s best to arrange for a designated driver or call a cab. One reason taxi companies say New Year’s Eve is there biggest night.

Doug Dornbos from Cherry Capital Cab says, “Public safety is a big part of it for us trying to keep the public safe if somebody drinks and drives it’s not just them at risk it’s everybody else on the road too.”

Safety is such a priority that bars have free ride coupons from local taxi companies.

The focus is making sure everyone makes it home to see the New Year.