Great Lakes Children’s Museum Ring’s in 2016 Early with Kids

Ringing in the New Year came early for a group of kids.

Thursday afternoon the Great Lakes Children’s Museum hosted “Countdown to Noon.”

The event allowed families to celebrate the New Year before the kids went off to bed.

Children made party hats, noise makers, a time capsule, and watched the big ball drop.

Parents say it was a great event.     

“We’re just celebrating the new year with the kids,” says Julie Poole. “It’s a little too late for them to stay up until midnight so this is their celebration of their own.”

“I think it’s just a fun family thing. I think people really enjoy something they can do that is family friendly, it is easy, and it’s fun,” says executive director Mike Long.

The Great Lakes Children’s Museum also say it has some exciting changes coming in 2016, so be sure to check it out.