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Wexford County Snowmobile Riders Take First Rides of Winter

Snowy weather is great news for those who’ve waited for weeks to enjoy their favorite winter activities. 

The wait is finally over for snowmobilers in Northern Michigan. Trails around Wexford County are ready for riding.

“It was pretty scarce here for a long time. I also groom the trails around this area so we’re happy to be out today and just getting out in the air its wintertime and snowmobiling is a great sport,” said snowmobiler Jim Marciniak.

The trail conditions could not be better for the first runs of the year. The Kleinfeld family drove from Chicago last night, eager to go snowmobiling as a family.

“It didn’t look like El Niño was going to bring us any snow but at least there’s some and we’re having a blast and we’re going to celebrate New Year’s Eve together and we’re just very happy there’s snow,” said Daniel Kleinfeld.

Snowmobilers out riding is good for business like Martin Powersports in Cadillac. They’ve already seen a big boost.

“It’s good to see them come up, it’s good to see them coming in and spending money, and not just for me but for every business in this town. It’s been pretty stressful for the last month and a half,” said owner Doug Martin.  

And everyone’s hoping the snow is here to stay for several months.

“I’m excited. Hopefully the winter keeps it up and we get the snow that we’re supposed to get over here. It’s gorgeous out, trees are full of snow, and snowing now, it’s perfect, it’s in the 20’s, perfect.” said snowmobiler Jack Graef.