Shelby Police Chief Suspended Without Pay

Shelby’s Police Chief is suspended without pay.

The Village of Shelby continuing an internal investigation.

Chief Bob Wilson was suspended on December 22nd.

Performance concerns and some of his actions started the village’s investigation.

Michigan State Police also have their own investigation.

They say it looks like a criminal investigation.

Village trustees say Wilson has been with the department for more than 30 years.

He’s a prominent community member and has helped with a variety of projects with the schools and food pantry.

"A lot of people make mistakes in life and it still doesn’t change who they are, it may change their path and things may have to change in the village and I understand that if it comes about, but it still doesn’t change all that they’ve done, the good," said Sharita Prowant, Shelby Village Trustee.

Shelby’s internal investigation will end in a few weeks.

The village council will have a hearing to decide what will happen next.