Crowds Gathered in Walker for Donald Trump’s Campaign Event

A raucous crowd of more than seven thousand supporters greeted Donald Trump in Walker this evening and he welcomed their enthusiasm.

“There’s a movement going on we’re tired of what’s happening we’re going to take our country back we’re going to take it back.”

Trump said Michigan would play a role if he’s elected.

“They can’t come in and take your factories and have cars made in Mexico and have cars made in Japan and have cars made all over the place except here and you have closed plants all over the place and you guys are looking for jobs, it’s a disgrace.”

But his rally was not without interruptions.

Trump appeared unfazed, and also took shots at democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

“You see Hillary, I mean did you see the debate, what happened to her, she’s terrible, ‘Donald Trump is on video, and ISIS is using him on the video to recruit,’ and it turned out to be a lie she’s a liar.”

He also advocated for a strong military, saying the United States can’t back down from foreign enemies.

“We’re being laughed at all over the world we’re soft, we’re weak. I want to make our military so strong so big, so powerful, that we don’t have to use it I don’t want to use it, I don’t want to use it but what I want is for people to look at us, not like now.”