Mount Pleasant Police Make More Than 40 Arrests During Party

"It’s unfortunate that they didn’t answer the door. It probably would have resolved with a couple of tickets versus 43 arrests," said Jeff Browne.

Mount Pleasant Police, Isabella County Sheriff’s Deputies, and Michigan State Police broke up a party early Saturday morning after getting nuisance complaints for weeks.

"Over the course of the last three weeks or so we’ve been having issues with this particular apartment. Every time we would get there there was nobody there. The residents and neighbors were frustrated with it and we couldn’t take any enforcement action if there wasn’t anyone there," said Jeff Browne.

This time they responded after they found two girls going to the bathroom in the parking lot. When they knocked on the door they didn’t get an answer. Then they got a search warrant.

"Unfortunately sometimes we run into nuisance gatherings where people don’t answer the door and that’s the wrong thing to do. We ask that people work with us not against us. We’re there to resolve an issue," said Jeff Browne.

The police ended up putting 43 people behind bars. They now face charges for attending or hosting a nuisance gathering. Those who put on the party admit it was out of control.

"I wasn’t expecting that many people. We were just trying to have a little get together with some friends for one of my good friends birthday and we were expecting people we knew and it just kind of got out of hand," said John Brady.

And next time John Brady hosts a party, he plans to make some changes.

"We are going to be safe about it and make sure it’s out of town and make sure that everyone is safe and has a dd and nothing like we’ve had before," John Brady said.