Missaukee County Chicken Coop Fire

A Missaukee County family lost 20 chickens and a turkey when their coop burned down early Friday morning.

A McBain couple woke up when they noticed a bright glow outside their window at their home on M-55.

Their coop was engulfed in flames.

The couple thinks a heat lamp fell and caused the coop to burst into flames.

While they’re glad no people were hurt, they say their kids are devastated at the loss of the chickens.

 “We were doing this for the kids, we were teaching them how to raise chickens and they wanted to do 4-H, maybe hopefully, but the kids were really attached to it and they love to come out and help feed the chickens, the kids are kinda really heartbroken.”

The McBain fire department responded when someone driving by called the fire in.

Crews were able to put out the fire quickly.