Traverse City Police Captain Jeffrey O’Brien Promoted To Chief Of Police

The Traverse City Police Department has a new leader.

Thursday, Traverse City Manager Martin Colburn announced Captain Jeffrey O’Brien has been promoted to the position of Chief of Police.

An interview and advisory panel made up of Grand Traverse County Emergency Manager Gregg Bird, Traverse City High School Principal Rick Vandermolen and Traverse City Clerk Benjamin Marentette selected Jeffrey O’Brien for the position from a pool of 49 applicants.

Colburn stated he was impressed with Chief O’Brien’s knowledge, training and enthusiasm and believes he will be a good fit as the Traverse City Police Department’s Chief of Police.

Chief O’Brien served in the U.S. Army Military Police Corps for four year, and has worked at the Traverse City Police Department for 24 years.

O’Brien says he is humbled by the promotion and thrilled to continue serving the community and improving the department.

"I think that as a police department you owe a service to everybody, and if they’re a victim of a crime and they feel they’re a victim of a crime it’s our obligation to take the information and turn it over to the prosecutor," O’Brien says.

Colburn says this is the fourth police chief he’s hired in his lifetime, but the first from within the same department.

An official swearing in will take place December 27.