Manistee Votes To Move Forward With Deer Cull

A local city council voted to take serious steps toward controlling its deer population.

Talks about a deer cull in Manistee have been on the table five times in the last eight years.

In a 5 to 2 vote this week, the city council decided to move forward with a cull.

It will lower the size of the deer herd in the city.

They expect reducing the deer population will reduce car vs. deer accidents.

The city plans to hire the Department of Agriculture, using sharp shooters.

They plan to spend as much as $5,000 on the cull.

“So this now is the closest we have come in all these years to actually to just cull deer,” says Director of Public Safety David Bachman. 

One of the two votes against the cull came from the Manistee City mayor.