Public Information Officers Gather to Train, Share Tips on Information Sharing

When the public needs to know what’s happening during a weather, health, or safety emergency, it’s usually a public information officer that relays critical information.

This morning public information officers gathered in Benzie County to learn more about having a common voice for the public.

The training included public speaking, press release writing and how different department deliver messages to the public.

Officers from the DNR, health department, state police, National Parks Service, and county administrations discussed how to better work together.

“If you have damage or condemnation of certain things, those people they all come from different backgrounds and different focuses,” says Frank Post, Benzie County Emergency Management Coordinator. “Now how do we congeal all that? How do we make it all come together so that the public clearly understands what’s going on.”

The public information officers there say it’s great to get together with other agencies to share experiences and advice.