Northern Michigan Businesses and Counties Affected By Lack of Snow

"It’s tough as a business owner you try to keep your employees working, because they still have to put food on the table and I feel responsible to keep those families going and it makes you feel guilty or bad this time of year," said Josh Johnson.

But right now, mother nature should be taking the fall.

Josh Johnson owns Snow Plow business Double J Lawncare Plus.

He had a feeling the season would be starting this way, so he started preparing earlier in the year.

"We try to gear up for instances like this during the summer. Snow plowing makes up about 15 to 20 percent of our income for the year so when we only plow for four months we are already a month into it that we’ve lost that income," Josh Johnson said.

But staying ahead of the game can only help so much.

They are still on edge. A lot of their heavy equipment is just sitting around.

"We have several pieces of equipment that we are paying insurance on, we have loaders and plow trucks and we still have to insure them they still have to have fuel put in them and when we aren’t using them we are loosing money every day," Josh Johnson said.

But on the flip side, road commissions are saving money, and materials.

"Last year we were close to a thousand tons of salt by last year at this time and we were at a couple hundred right now so yeah that’s a big difference," said Missaukee County Road Commission Manager Kelly Bekken.

They’re also getting time to do a little extra maintenance.

‘With no snow and warmer weather it’s given us a chance to do a little better job of getting some of those gravel roads bladed up which we normally wouldn’t do because they would be froze up," Kelly Bekken said.