ASPCA, Oscoda County Animal Control Seizes More Than 50 Dogs From Mio Puppy Mill

More than 50 dogs were taken from a puppy mill in Oscoda County.

On Monday the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Field Investigation and Response team, along with the Oscoda County Sheriff’s Department and Oscoda County Animal Control seized more than 50 dogs from a large puppy mill in Mio.

The ASPCA says the breeding facility is substandard and unlicensed.

They say they began investigating the Mio puppy mill after receiving complaints of abuse and neglect.

The dogs taken range from English Bull Dogs to Schnauzers and were found living in small wire cages, stacked in a dirty basement and outdoor pens.

ASPCA reports most of the dogs had no access to food or water and they appeared to be socialized and scared of humans.

The dogs were taken to a temporary shelter to receive medical treatment.

ASPCA will care for the dogs at the temporary shelter until the courts can determine their custody.

Criminal charges are expected to follow.