Wexford County Man Accused of Stealing Items From Car, Home, Property

A Northern Michigan man is in trouble after police say he stole items from a car, a home and from someone’s property.

Wexford County deputies say Paul Calkin stole items from a home in September, and stole more than $1,000 worth of items from a car in Cadillac.

Investigators say he also stole a trail cam from Haring Township in October.

Calkin now faces charges of stealing and breaking and entering.

State police want to use this case as a reminder to keep an eye out and report any suspicious behavior.

“When you see something suspicious or someone lurking around, whether you’re in town or in the country, it’s OK to call and report a suspicious vehicle, because many times that could be someone up to no good, and if they’re not then it’s not going to be a problem,” says Sgt. Eric Sumpter, Michigan State Police. 

If convicted, he could have to pay three times the value of what he stole or face up to five years in prison.