Woman Gives Birth to Baby Boy on Mackinac Island

A special delivery for one Northern Michigan family.

A mom delivered her baby on Mackinac Island.

It’s actually rare to have a baby born on the island.

Expecting moms usually head to the mainland to give birth.

But Shelbie Mosley gave birth to baby Jase about six weeks early at the Mackinac Island Medical Center Wednesday.

9 and 10’s Blayke Roznowski caught up with Shelbie and the doctor who delivered baby Jase.

“It couldn’t have been more perfect everything. I was worried about none of it happened so were good.”

Early Wednesday morning a rare, special delivery on Mackinac Island. Shelbie Mosley delivered baby Jase 6 weeks early.

“About 3:30 in the morning I started having contractions, so we went down, they couldn’t fly me off the island, so we went down to the med center at about 6:40 and at about 7:41 he was born.”

Typically babies aren’t born on Mackinac Island because Mackinac Island Medical Center doesn’t have all the right equipment.

“That night was very stressful because like I said you don’t know and that’s the hardest part, if you knew it was going to work out you wouldn’t worry.” Says Dr. Lisa Van Hevel, D.O. at Mackinac Island Medical Center

Even more unique is that both Shelbie and her mom were born on the island.

“I was also born on the island unexpectedly, I was born at my house, and they didn’t even make it to the medical center.”

After baby Jase was delivered, he and Shelbie were transferred to Munson Medical Center in Traverse City. Everyone’s doing well.

He’s great he’s been eating really, really well. Everything that they’ve been testing they’ve gotten back is really good.”

“I’m calmer then you know I have a baby that’s screaming at me so were good and a mom that’s happy” says Dr. Lisa Van Hevel

Shelbie and Jase are expected to be home by the end of the weekend.