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Projects You Pin: Pallet Tree

Promo Image: Projects You Pin: Pallet Tree

The number of pallet projects on Pinterest is endless.

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to ‘deck the halls’ and decorate Pinterest style.

The Pallet Tree is easy and only takes a few hours to finish. Kalin Franks tried the project for tonight’s Projects You Pin.

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The steps are below!

–I spray painted my pallet with white just to give it a nice look.

–Begin by hammering in nails in the shape of a Christmas tree on the pallet.

–Then place more nails on the inside of the tree, this is where our ornaments will hang.

–Next up, string your lights. You want to make sure you’re going across and not around the shape, and get funky!

–Hang your ornaments and fun little additions to the tree

–Finish up with a star or piece of flair on top, and then light! Enjoy!