Leelanau Co Responders Fight Off Aggressive Dog During Medical Call

A Good Samaritan is recovering from a dog attack that happened when he was trying to help a woman having a seizure.

Leelanau County deputies and Suttons Bay EMS responded to the call Wednesday night.

A woman walking her dog appeared to be convulsing on the ground along North Lincoln Street in the Village of Suttons Bay.

“We did what we could and it’s frustrating for us, but I know she’s having difficulties and were trying to work it out as best we can,” says Sheriff Mike Borkovich.

A medical call turned dangerous last night when a dog became aggressive towards first responders.

“It’s a sad situation because she has a health disorder,” Sheriff Borkovich says. “I’m sure in my own mind the dog thinks he’s protecting her.”

Tina Jagoditsh suffered a seizure while on a walk with her dog, Cooper.

When a man nearby saw her convulsing on the group he rushed to help, but her dog got in the way.

“This dog has bitten people before. It’s not the first incident and at what point do you drawn the line? We’re in a situation where if that was a young child, or if that dog had more of an open opportunity, that dog may have hurt someone way worse than that or possibly even killed someone,” Sheriff Borkovich says.

After biting the man, first responders arrived and found themselves fighting off the dog with a Taser and pepper spray in order to get to Tina.

“When it comes to my seizures he’s the one that’s right there,” Tina says. “No one else can get up to me until I come out of it and that’s just how it is with Coop. I’m sorry for the guy that got bit. I’m really sorry for that.”

The sheriff says they will be requesting charges, and for deputies, these situations are never easy.

“He’s upset and he doesn’t want to hurt the dog nor does he want to see her hurt so it’s a tough deal. It’s a tough deal all the way around, but we’ll do the best we can,” Sheriff Borkovich says.