Mesick Home Invasion Suspect Arrested After Police Find Saliva On Bathroom Floor

Police say something a man left behind in a home’s bathroom linked him to a break-in.

Nearly a year later, they arrested him.

It was his DNA.

Police say the man broke into the home in January to use the bathroom.

The home invasion arrest happened Monday in Springville Township near Mesick in Wexford County.

State Police say Aaron Kendall broke a window and snuck inside the home.

They say he used the bathroom, turned up the heat and eventually left.

Investigators say Kendall left a small amount of blood on the window and saliva on the bathroom floor.

They say those clues led to a positive ID using a nation-wide DNA index system called CODIS.

Then, they made the arrest.

"Each day, there’s more and more samples of offender, whether they are convicted or arrested offenders for felonies, and that DNA profile is solving crimes just like this one, where it took a few months but eventually it was solved, which is a good thing," says Sgt. Eric Sumpter, MSP Cadillac Post.

Kendall now faces third-degree home invasion and malicious destruction charges.