Manistee County Food Pantries Get Huge Donation

"Meat is so expensive and we have to purchase our meat normally so it will be a tremendous help during the holidays," said Joan Gamache.

Miller Poultry delivered more than 5 thousand pounds of chicken for local food pantries in Manistee today.

It’s a donation that’s unprecedented for the Matthew 25:35 Food Pantry and the Salvation Army.

"We have never had anything on par with this at all I mean this just blows me away I can’t even imagine I’m having a hard time comprehending the generosity of this company this is just amazing," said Joan.

Volunteers for each pantry met this morning at Family Fare where they split the donation in half.

Manistee Catholic Central Schools also volunteered one of their freezers to make sure the chicken stays fresh.

"It’s really a joy to see the people who volunteer for the pantries. It’s so important to them that they do this for the community and it carries over to us and our organizations and it’s something we enjoy doing too," said AJ Swander.

For the Matthew 25:35 Food Pantry, the donation will last about three months, and save them thousands of dollars.

"I think it’s fantastic it’s a huge amount at a time that’s so needed in all our communities but particularly right now with the holidays coming on. A lot of people have to make decisions about whether they will have a nice Christmas or food to sustain their families," said AJ.