Grand Traverse County Sees String of Vandalism Attacks, Patrols Increase

Two different sets of vandalism have the Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office on the lookout.

The sheriff’s office was already looking into several reports of broken car windows and a damaged road commission grader.

Now several reports of smashed mailboxes is adding to their investigation.

The vandalism cases happened in Paradise Township and in Fife Lake Township.

“I was very surprised. Especially that many. I meant it was upsetting, I was furious.”

Many people on Blair Townhall Road woke up Tuesday morning to find their mailboxes dented, smashed and on the ground.

“Nothing happens down through here at all. It’s usually a pretty quiet street,” says Russ and Becky Rohde.

The Rohde’s say at least ten people on their street were victims.

“He was pretty upset about the same thing too, having to go and replace a mailbox, and just said it was senseless crime. Said there was no reason for that,” Rohde says.

This is just one of the mailboxes along this road that was damaged and has already been replaced. While it may not seem like a significant problem, homeowners say to them it’s a major inconvenience.

“It’s an extra expense we can’t afford. An unnecessary expense that we didn’t need,” says Rohde.

This isn’t the first vandalism incident the sheriff’s office has responded to this week.

Several cars and county road commission grader were also found damaged.

“Multiple windows on each car and the window were damaged,” says Lt. Chris Barsheff. “The damage was estimated to be anywhere from $2,000-3000.”

With all this happening so close together the sheriff’s office has increased patrols in the area, and they say the cases are connected.

“Our deputies were able to locate some physical evidence which makes us believe that the mailbox damage and the individuals involved in the car damage are one in the same,” Lt. Barsheff says.

If you have any information regarding the crimes you are asking to contact the Grand Traverse Sheriff’s Office.