Traverse City Law Enforcement Agencies Install Crime Mapping System

There will soon be a new way for people in Traverse City and Grand Traverse County to understand how much crime is going on around them.

Law enforcement agencies are installing later this week.

The system is used by hundreds of agencies across the country.

By going online, or from an app on your mobile device, you can see a map of your area showing reported crimes.

The Traverse City Police Department says this is a great tool for the agencies and community.

“We frequently get requests from businesses and private citizens about incidents that happen in a neighborhood, or historical data about a crime in a specific area,” says Capt. Jim Bussell. “This way they can go right online and get it. There’s no FOIA request. There’s no waiting period.

Having the system will cost both the police department and sheriff’s office $50 a month.  

Capt. Bussell says they will install the system Thursday and hope to have it live for the public next week.

Using comes at no cost to the public.