Proposal for Nine-Story Building Passed 5-2 By Traverse City Commissioners

“Think about this before you act because this is irreversible.”

Another round of heated debate over a proposed nine-story development in downtown Traverse City Monday evening.

Northern Michigan’s news leader has followed this story since the project was first proposed this summer.

If approved, the two nine-story buildings would go up at the corner of West Front and Pine Streets in downtown Traverse City.

Developers need a special land use permit to build.

Something many in Traverse City have argued against for months, including at Monday night’s city commission meeting.

But developers of the buildings defended their plans.

9&10’s David Lyden attended Monday night’s meeting, he continues our coverage of the development debate.

“I strongly believe that this project is a win for Traverse City and the greater region.”

In front of a packed city commissioners meeting – developers once again presented their plan for a nine story development in downtown Traverse City.

“River West helps preserve the truly unique elements of our communities character it makes downtown living more accessible inclusive it supports the sustainability of the economy and the services we have come to expect.”

They say it will bring needed affordable housing for people working downtown and bring more business, but not everyone’s convinced it’s the best move for the downtown area.

“This is likely to have the greatest negative impact on the city and is the least suitable for granting a slump. The site is far larger than any other parcel that is likely to be developed in the downtown district the footprint of the proposed housing development will be massive.”

But others feel this project is what the area needs and want to see the building move forward and bring more people downtown.

“We couldn’t find anything, we could not find a place to live in downtown TC. We couldn’t even find a place within the city limits to the south, to the west, to the east, we couldn’t find anything.”

But others felt this project is moving too fast and more work needs to be done before the commission gives their approval.

“This project is not about affordable housing or work force housing for our young citizens. There’s no assurance by any of us it will add to the work force or the needs of downtown.”

Commissioners voted on the permit Monday night, passing it 5-2.