Fox Topix: Zombie Nativity

Would you be offended by a “zombie” nativity scene? Why or why not?

For the second year in a row, an Ohio man is stirring up controversy in his community. Instead of the traditional front yard nativity scene, he’s decorated his with zombie figures.

Jasen Dixon says he originally set up the display last year as a publicity stunt for the haunted house he runs. He says he brought it back this year because it was a hit. But, some in the community are offended by the “zombie nativity.” Dixon was even asked to take it down by Sycamore Township officials because they say he doesn’t have a permit for an accessory structure in a front yard.

Dixon thinks that claim by the township is bogus and that they’re asking him to take it down because the theme rubs some people the wrong way.

The township says Dixon could be fined $500 a day if he doesn’t take it down, but he has yet to receive a fine.

For today’s Fox Topix we want to know: Would you be offended by a “zombie” nativity scene like this? Why or why not?

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