Traverse City Commission Meeting Could Decide Fate of Proposed Nine-Story Building

Meanwhile the nine-story development’s special land use permit is on its way to the city commission for approval.

They’re holding a hearing about it Monday night.

9&10’s David Lyden was in Traverse City with what people are saying about the project ahead of the meeting.

We are outside the Government Center in Traverse City where we are less than an hour from a city commission meeting that could decide the fate of a proposed nine story building in downtown Traverse City.

We have heard for months now from people on both sides.

Those opposed say the project has been rushed and are worried the size of the building is too big for downtown.

Those in favor say it will bring jobs and necessary housing to downtown.

Businesses near the site of the proposed building, say more people living downtown could mean more business for them and are interested to see how Monday night plays out.

“Half of our customers in the summer or a good portion of them kind of helped us through the summer here because they walked here anyways, so when we were dealing with construction we had customers walking here. So it’s just going to add customers for our shop which is a good thing. If they don’t do it, its construction we don’t have to deal with on Front Street for a year.” Says Tina Zinn, owner, The Cheese Lady.

We are expecting to hear a lot of public comment from people on both sides Monday night, but it’s not clear how much discussion there will be from commissioners.