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Jack’s Journal: Doll Museum

It’s the Dolls and Things Museum in Cadillac. It’s the lifelong collection of one woman who cherishes the little girl that’s still inside her.

“Oh yes, the little girl never leaves if a woman admits it. The little girl never leaves ya,” says doll collector Jeanette Majerle.

Being an only child, Jeanette says the dolls became her playmates. Suzy was her first doll, and she resides among collection. She still has her first teddy bear too. His name? Teddy, of course. 

Her parents were supportive. Well, it took dad a little while. Once he realized he could make shelves for the collection, then he got enthused!

“As a little girl I always wanted to be grown up, Barbie helped me be grown up,” says Jeanette.

She would use the dolls when she baby sat, always a good diversion.  She really got the bug in 1966.

“I entered 50 dolls at the fair in 1966 and won first place.  After that I started collecting,” explains Jeanette.

As you enter, you are greeted by an A-list of Hollywood celebrities! There are the Barbies and taller toddler dolls. Plus GI Joe, Star Wars, Star Trec, Disney and more.  She has plenty of conversation starters, that’s for sure.

“I kinda got to everybody, because of the museum.  I wanted a representation of everyone, and I do, practically,” says Jeanette.

The museum is open by appointment only, her advertisement can be seen in several restaurants in Manton and Cadillac.  Jeanette says a visit is free but a donation is appreciated, then passed on to local food banks.