Hundreds Gathered in Kalkaska County to Lay Sheriff Abe DeVol to Rest

A hole left in a Northern Michigan community today as Kalkaska County laid Sheriff Abe DeVol to rest.  

Hundreds gathered today to pay their respects as Kalkaska sheriff Abe DeVol was laid to rest today.

DeVol’s funeral was at St. Mary of the Woods Catholic Church, followed by a law enforcement processional and 21 gun salute at the cemetery in Clearwater Township.

Hugs, stories and tears were shared today as hundreds from across the state came together to honor Sheriff Abe DeVol.

“This was Abe’s dream to be the sheriff and he had big visions for the department. You know he was going to be the sheriff for a long time. He loved the community.”

Words that anyone at today’s funeral for Sheriff Abe DeVol would agree with.

As hundreds came together to lay the sheriff to rest, they looked back on the kind, funny, helpful man’s life.

“Abe was happy to be doing things and happy to be helping people, and people are going to be remembering that,” says Undersheriff Patrick Whiteford. “I think that’s why the community support is shown because people knew Abe was out there and ready to help anybody, drop anything to help anybody, and people have returned that this week. They’ve dropped everything to come pay their last respects to Abe.”

Whether it was family, friends, community members, or law enforcement officials from across the state, everyone came to give Sheriff DeVol a proper send off.

“I’ve seen a lot of people that I haven’t seen in a long time,” says Sheriff Matt Nowicki, Otsego County. “You know kind of reconnect there and I’m sure that would be Abe happy too. Law enforcement is a tight not group like that. I’m sure there’s people here they never knew Abe, never met him but they’re still here in support of that.”

While Sheriff DeVol may be gone, his impact, personality and eagerness to help others is something that will never be forgotten.

“I think the biggest thing that people will remember is just Abe’s jolliness,” says Undersheriff Whiteford. “Especially when you got him talking about hunting or the dreams he had for the department. We lost one man but I think he did the work of two or three easily, and he will greatly be missed for that.”