Unique Christmas Shop Lets Kids Set Their Own Prices

A unique program at a Northern Michigan elementary school is making Christmas shopping more affordable for students.

The generosity of the school’s former head cook along with local businesses is letting kids buy gifts they wouldn’t usually be able to afford.

Roscommon Elementary School is running a shop where kids can buy gifts for their families.

And the prices all depend on what the children can afford.

“You walk around and try to find presents for other people,” said second grade student Sam Walters.

And they’re as cheap as you need them to be.

Dawn Savage is running a ‘set your own price’ Christmas shop for the second year in a row at Roscommon Elementary School.

“They can come in with two dollars, come out with 10 to 15 gifts. It’s all donated back to the school for the Have a Heart program,” Savage said.

A perfect opportunity to both give and get.

“I guess you can get presents for other people. Like your mom, your grandma,” Walters said.

The Have a Heart Program allows families in need celebrate Christmas with things that will help them this holiday season.

“A lot of them are clothes. Very little toys, food baskets, so it’s all needed stuff for the families that can’t afford stuff for Christmas,” Savage said.

Kids typically spend a quarter and up.

The shop’s open during school hours and even parents can stop in.

“I found toys, knick knacks and candles. I’m gonna go home and wrap them,” said second-grader Sam Mason, who shopped for his parents at the store.

Local thrift stores donate a lot of items. Dawn hand crafts the rest.

Something she loves to do after being involved in the school community for decades.

“It makes my heart happy. To see kids smiling and get stuff that they can bring home to their family members,” Savage said.

The shop is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. every day this week.

Next week’s schedule will depend on how quickly the store empties out.