Retiring Well With Michael Reese: Three Biggest Retirement Mistakes

A show on airing Tuesday on 9&10 News can help you avoid making mistakes when managing your retirement funds.

Retiring Well with Michael Reese is put on by Centennial Wealth Advisory.

The show educates people on how to use their retirement savings.

Tuesday’s episode talks about the three biggest retirement mistakes people will make.

Financial advisors say between not knowing the risks, procrastinating and counting on other sources of income they can face serious consequences.

 “They could potentially lose more money than they’re comfortable with. You talk to a lot of people, they recognize that they can suffer some losses if they’re in the market, but when you tell them they could lose 30-40 percent in a year, they’re not happy with that,” says financial advisor Larry Flynn.

The show airs every Tuesday on 9&10 News at 10 a.m.