Nub’s Nob Opens for Ski Season

Cooler temperatures are great news for ski resorts.

Nub’s Nob in Harbor Springs officially opened for the season today.

“Not only is it good for us, it’s good for the entire community because people drive up to come skiing, the word gets out downstate that resorts are open and they’re running so that’s good for everybody on that we’re glad to do it,” said President and General Manager Jim Bartlett.

More than 250 skiers made their way down the mountain today and say they’re thrilled to finally be breaking out their skis

“I found out at 2:30 that they were open I was out here by 3:15 I got five runs in, way better than expected,” said skier Brian Forster.

With Nub’s Nob being the only resort in the area open for skiing today, they’re hoping to get even more snow made and see big crowds through the weekend.

“Mother Nature controls the environment, we’re really snow farmers. If we see 20 degrees tonight like we think we will, we should be able to have a foot to a foot and a half over the area that we’re making snow on,” said Bartlett.

And after today’s first runs, skiers say the season is off to a great start.

The coolest part was when you’re skiing you can look out and it’s still green everywhere else, it’s amazing it’s beautiful, it’s great, there’s no downside,” said Forster.

Nub’s Nob say’s they also wouldn’t mind see some snow courtesy of Mother Nature as well.