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MedWatch: Living Healthy

Weight struggles are real for so many, and the decadence of holiday meals and parties doesn’t make things easier this time of year.

So why wait until New Years?  There is a solid, medical solution that delivers results, if you’re dedicated, and typically you won’t just be saying goodbye to the pounds. 

Learn more in today’s MedWatch report.

Nicole Godfrey’s checkups at the doctor’s office weren’t always a pleasant experience.

"This past May went for my annual physical, and stepped on the scale and was like, ‘this needs to change’."

She’s tried and failed at losing weight many times. Until she started Munson’s Healthy Weight Program.

"I stared the meal plan June 7, exactly three months until my birthday, I was like, ‘OK, I want to lose 30 pounds by my birthday’. I did that in two months, I was like, oh my gosh," says Nicole.

Now she’s five months in and 63 pounds lighter.

"I just have more energy, you know? Just easier to do things, just even getting out of a chair is easier, walking up steps, I don’t get winded like I used to," explains Nicole.

It’s a transformation Dr. Patrick Friedli sees again and again.

"Almost 95 percent of the people in the program will lose weight, the key thing is can they maintain and sustain that weight loss and that’s a mixed bag," says Dr. Friedli.

But he says they provide all the tools a person needs for this journey.

"We have a dietitian, we have exercise specialist and you have a behavioralist that really helps you understand why there are triggers, what are those triggers and how do you compensate for them going forward, so that you avoid weight rebound."

While people like Nicole may have a number as their goal, Dr. Friedli says it’s bigger than that. It’s overall health.

"Sometimes I like to see it as a tree with branches, and the tree trunk is the weight itself leading to each branch is a medical issue related to that. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, risk for heart disease, acid reflux, sleep apnea, all of those are branches and if we just focus on a branch we miss the whole treatment process, which is treating the tree trunk, which is the tree itself," explains Dr. Friedli.

He says through learning about what to eat, how to exercise and finding a person’s own triggers, they can truly change their life.

"Even just losing 10 percent of your starting weight can do a lot toward getting off medications, lowering their medical risk, less visits to their health care provider, all of those add up to saving health care dollars."

Nicole is already challenging herself to continue, and she’s proud of her new, healthier self.

"I’m challenging people at work to lose weight too, and to become more healthy, and what not, and my boss and I are doing the Turkey Trot next week. That is something I never thought I would ever do in my life, so all these possibilities are open now, so going see where it leads," says Nicole.