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Inside The Kitchen: The Thirsty Sturgeon in Wolverine

You’ve had a pizza. You’ve had a reuben sandwich. But the two together, well, that’s the kind of creative combinations they’re whipping up at The Thirsty Sturgeon. The restaurant menu is toppling in surprises that marry old favorites into genius unification. The Mac Daddy Burger for instance, you guessed it—a loaded patty mounted with macaroni and cheese. And why stick to one protein when you can double up with beef and smoked pork in the Thirsty Burger? That last question is rhetorical. 

Whomever you go with, and however you get there (the building itself sits on a gorgeous property along the Sturgeon River), just be sure to order a basket of Reuben Balls before your meal. They’re the top-selling item and feature their famous sweet and spicy pickles, a recipe that has a long history just in itself. Are you intrigued yet? Or at least hungry? Good. We’re going Inside The Kitchen.

is located at 11900 Scott Road, Wolverine, MI 231-525-9151