9&10 News Viewer Comments

It’s time for something new.

Some change their hairstyle, others might consider trading in their car for a newer model. At 9&10 News, we like to make improvements to our website.

9&10 News is thrilled to announce a change to our website’s commenting system.

At 9&10, we work hard to make sure our site is providing viewers with the latest news, weather and sports from around our area.

For a long time, our website has allowed viewers to post comments anonymously. While some comments are insightful, respectful and relevant to the story they are attached to, many are not.

Too many have used the anonymity of our comments section to post insensitive, hateful, hurtful or profanity laced messages they would never dare to say in a face to face conversation.

It’s time for a change. It’s time to add a bit of accountability to our commenting system.

We want our comment section to be a gathering place for our viewers to discuss their opinions and share their ideas. We want to encourage viewers to engage in civilized debates and participate in constructive discussions.

From now on, only users with a Facebook account will be able to post comments on www.9and10news.com.

Only comments by viewers using their real names on their Facebook accounts will be allowed on our website.

We want to give our viewers the chance to easily share their thoughts and opinions with their network of friends by connecting their comments with their Facebook accounts.

You will now be able to post an article and comment to your Facebook page with a single click.

As the online world continues to evolves, so will we.

We hope you find the new commenting system a positive, delightful and refreshing change. Give it a try and let us know what you think of the new system by commenting below!