TCPD Opens Satellite Office on NMC’s Campus

The Traverse City Police Department has teamed up with Northwestern Michigan College to increase campus safety.

The police department opened a new satellite office on NMC’s campus Tuesday.

“I felt it was a no-brainer. I thought this was something we need to facilitate and go ahead and do it,” said Captain Jeff O’Brien, Traverse City Police Department.

With violent attacks happening around the world, the Traverse City Police Department saw a need to work closer with the people they serve.

“We looked at certainly the event that happened in Oregon. That was probably the catalyst behind this,” Captain O’Brien said. “We wanted to be prepared for something in the future.”

Teaming up with Northwestern Michigan College, TCPD opened a satellite office on campus.

“We wanted a footprint on that campus. Normally we have several officers that work that service area and they sit in their car and they do their report. We thought let’s get them out of the car so they can go into the office and have interaction with the students and the staff,” Captain O’Brien said.

Having a stronger law enforcement presence on campus will allow students to learn more about those protecting and serving them.

“Having the ability to talk to a police officer when they’re not responding to a call, or not tied up on other events, and simply talk to them and get ideas from them. It’s a huge benefit to our law enforcement recruits,” said Brian Heffner, Director of Law Enforcement Academy at NMC.

The department’s main goal is to be there for the students and faculty while maintaining open communication.

“I think that it’s a great idea. I think we definitely need it,” said NMC student Bree Olsen. “Not that the campus is really in that much danger, but with everything that’s been going on lately around our country and the world it’s really important right now we are in high alert.”

Captain O’Brien says this opening also comes at no cost to the college and tax payers.