Homelessness and Hunger Awareness Week Underway in Traverse City

Tonight people in Traverse City worked to spread the word about the homeless situation in Northern Michigan.

It’s part of homelessness awareness week going on throughout the country.

                The week aims to make people realize the problem of homelessness in their communities and work to end it.

Tonight people walked through Traverse City, to spread the word about people facing homelessness in the area. For some, like Chloe Lichte, it’s a problem that’s affected their family.

“I did have a cousin of mine who was homeless. I have many friends who’ve been homeless. My parents have helped friends of mine in the past who have been homeless,” said Lichte.

Lichte was one of several students from Northwestern Michigan College who helped organize the walk as part of homelessness and hunger awareness week across the county.

“Homelessness is a big problem in Traverse City as many parts of the world and anything we can do to help it is important. I think that more people in this town need to be aware of the struggles that people go through all the time,” said Lichte.

Ryan cannon of Goodwill Industries says more and more people are facing the struggle of living on the streets of Northern Michigan.  

“Quite often people think that people choose to experience homelessness, or they want to be homeless and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Every person that I’ve ever talked to does not want to be on the street they want to find housing and get off the streets,” said Hannon

He hopes tonight’s walk gets more people involved in helping the homeless

“Homelessness is everywhere, homelessness happens to many people, there’s not one demographic or one way that people fall into homelessness, so the more that we can get awareness out there the better,” said Hannon.