Sporting Goods Stores and Hunters Prepare for Opening Day

The opening of firearm deer season is Sunday.

                Local sporting goods stores are staying busy.

This weekend, thousands of hunters will be in the woods across Northern Michigan.

                But before they get there, they’re spending some money.

With the opening day of firearm deer season Sunday, sporting goods stores like Trigger Time Outfitters in Big Rapids saw plenty of hunters coming through their doors today for last minute supplies.

“It’s through the roof. You got people walking in they just can’t wait to go shoot that big buck, they’re checking their game cameras, making sure their targets are hitting right where they need to hit, and yeah it’s really entertaining to see the excitement,” said store manager  Brandon Jurries

They say this time of year always brings a boost in sales.

“Being right on 131 it really helps us. There’s a lot of people coming from south Michigan and they’re able to come by and buy whatever they need before they head up to the woods and get up to their cabins,” said Jurries

Hunters stopping by local businesses today say opening day is about keeping traditions alive.

“For me it’s mostly just about family tradition. My grandpa started coming up here 50 some years ago and started dragging me up here when I was a little kid and we look forward to coming up every year,” said hunter Nicholas Schultz.  

For others it’s a chance to spend time with dad in the woods.

“He has taught me how to fish, hunt so it’s something really special I look forward to every year,” said one young hunter.  

Trigger Time hopes to see happy hunters on their way back home too.

“Seeing the bucks, having them drop bringing them in, or measuring them up so we can take pictures, whatever it may be, so that’s a lot of fun for us,” said Jurries.