Houghton Lake Man Loses Hundreds After Online Dog Scam

“It’s destroyed my faith in humanity!”

Two years of savings, gone in an instant.

A Houghton Lake man just wanted to buy a pug puppy.

He started saving the $600 to buy the dog two years ago.

Bill Oliver bought the dog on Hoobly.com.

When the deal didn’t go through, the site told him to contact the breeder.

It was a woman who said she was in Detroit.

When he did, Oliver asked if it was a scam.

The woman got defensive.

After more research, Oliver found out it was in fact a scam.

When he contacted the site, he says they called him a liar.

Oliver says it’s not about the money.

“I don’t want to be a negative person but…this was consuming me…it was eating me alive and I just gotta get past it but like, if I can help as many people as possible…that’s what I gotta do man.”

Michigan State Police say it’s important to make sure you buy things from reputable websites.