Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Saturday marks the one year anniversary for Cordia at Grand Traverse Commons.

On November 14th last year, the senior residential club accepted their first club members into the community.

Cordia has big plans this weekend to celebrate.

Starting with a ceremony unveiling a plaque to honor and recognize the nearly 50 members that have called Cordia home this last year.

Karen Anderson, the CEO of Cordia says the past 12 months have been an honor.

“We feel honored to have been the people that not only that completed the redevelopment but that honor has been nothing compared with a wonder than we experience every day being part of the community he was with his remarkable individuals and we just look forward to seeing who’s going to come and join us in our second year of operation.”

Cordia will host a bigger party Saturday with some dancing and food.