TC Unveils Concept Alternatives for City Lot

Traverse City still wants to know what the public wants to do with the City Lot.

Traverse City is getting state money from the PlacePlans Grant Program through the Michigan Municipal League.

The money is being used to remodel, rebuild, or change the City Lot along West Front Street between Oak and Maple Streets.

“We’re trying to see how the public reacts to those ideas,” says Traverse City Planning Director Russ Soyring.

From a chalkboard out front to Tuesday evening’s open house, there are plenty of ways for people to weigh in on the future of this land.

Traverse City unveiled three concept alternatives at tonight’s event.

“Basically go from a simple refreshing, a face lift of the fire department building, to the idea of maybe having a brand new public building in that area which would be a more substantial investment for the city. It’s really good at this point to be exploring opportunities,” said Soyring.

A design team started brainstorming ideas with help from the public this summer.

“The end goal is up to the community and what we’ve heard from the community is obviously they want a vibrant West Front Street corridor with the remake of the street,” said Nate Elkins, Studio Director at Influence Design Forum.

Some just want the city to leave the property alone, but with the new changes to West Front Street this is becoming more of destination.

“Maybe have some elements in that area that is drawing people down and making it a fun place to hang out,” Soyring said.

“There’s potential and momentum moving in the right direction and I think this parcel could help move that along,” Elkins said.

To provide feedback visit the City Lot website.