Cadillac Rotary Club Breaks Ground On City Park Improvements

"This is phase one of some really incredible things that are going to be happening," says Carla Filkins, Mayor of Cadillac.

The first step for a city’s park getting a major facelift.

The Heritage Park project officially began today.

The Cadillac City Park will get some much needed improvements as they work toward a much larger goal.

9&10’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Melvin Kimbrough learned more from the mayor and the Cadillac Rotary Club.


With the help of the rotary club and many volunteers, a lot of things are going to be changing at the city park…and soon.

The club began its first major phase in transforming the area into the Heritage Park at this morning’s groundbreaking ceremony.

The goal of the project is to make the park more user-friendly.

To start, more comfortable third-tier seating will be added to the area.

A new permanent sound booth is also being added to the pavilion.

Also, new dressing rooms and staging areas for performers will be built at the pavilion.

There will also be adjustments to the park to limit people from going through the park while the pavilion is being used.

It’s the initial step towards expanding the park.

"The Cadillac Rotary Club over the years has provided so many dollars and so many volunteer efforts to keep that central point for the community," Filkins says. "It’s really going to be our first step in making the Heritage Plaza, the whole city park area, kind of flow from up at North Mitchell Street all the way down to the lake."

The pavilion is expected to be all done by may of next year, ready in time for next summer.