Manistee Families Find Razor Blades in Halloween Candy

"There’s no value in doing this so i don’t know what would drive a person to put razor blades in kids candy. It just shocks my conscience," said Manistee Police Chief David Bachman.

Two Manistee families say they opened pieces of their Halloween candy, and they noticed something wasn’t right.

Michelle Boomer’s son found a razor blade smashed into the center of his Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

At first, the Manistee Police Department started looking in to it as an isolated incident, until they got a second call.

"Yesterday we got a phone call from a mom about 2 blocks away who found a razor blade in her sons Laffy taffy," Chief Bachman said. "The blades are very similar in size and shape. Ramps up the deliberate nature of someone putting razor blades in candy."

The Chief says parents in the area need to take a second look at what could be hiding in their kid’s Halloween candy.

"I think it’s wise to tell people to keep looking at that candy you’ve got 2 in that neighborhood," Bachman said. "If you live in that neighborhood and have candy left over seriously take a look at it. Take all your candy out and take a good look at it."

No kids have been hurt, but parents are still uneasy.

"I’ve almost just felt like skipping trick-or-treating all together and going to the places that are publicly passed out at nursing homes, or certain places that have activities to pass candy out instead of going out around the streets," says Crystal Blair.

Manistee Police ask for anyone with more information to come forward.