Cancer Benefit Helps Roscommon Township Fire Chief “T-Bear”

Roscommon County banded together to help a community man fight the cancer that leaves him with only 12 months to live.

Frank Thibert — better known as "T-Bear" wears many hats in Roscommon County.

He’s the Roscommon Township assistant fire chief, helps with emergency management for the county, and even sings at nursing homes.

Back in September, he was diagnosed with rib, esophageal and lung cancers.

More than 600 people showed up to a breakfast benefit in his honor at the fraternal order of eagles in Houghton Lake.

T-Bear says he is determined to fight until he no longer can.

“Take care of yourself, have a positive attitude and keep positive,” T-Bear said. “Do everything you can to keep your health up. And chances are you’re gonna get a few more months, years, whatever it takes.”

The benefit raised more than 8,000 dollars to put toward T-Bear’s chemotherapy treatments.