Costco Possibly Coming to Traverse City

A popular store known for selling in bulk, could be on its way to Northern Michigan.

The Northwestern Regional Airport Commission accepted Costco’s letter of intent to lease land from Cherry Capital Airport.

                The proposed location is on the North side South Airport Road East of the entrance to the airline terminal.

Cherry Capital Airport direct Kevin Klein says Costco approached the airport several months ago about leasing this land to build a store.

“So from here forward, the airport will begin working on a lease with Costco and then they will start working with the local governmental units for zoning issues and developing the site plan,” said Klein.  

The lease would be for 20 years. Along with jobs for the area, it would also bring in around $167,000 yearly for the airport.

“When we look at lease opportunities like this, it supports the self sufficiency of the airport. So we’re not looking for taxpayer dollars to support the airport and we’re not looking to strain our community,” said Klein.  

But, some downtown businesses are concerned Costco could pull customers away from them

“Fortunately enough for downtown we do enough business in the summer. I don’t think that would be too big of a problem. But in the off-season that could definitely be a problem for all the restaurants downtown,” said Kyle Belton the General Manager at Pangea’s Pizza.

Even though there are several more steps to take, the airport director is excited.

“This is an opportunity to bring an economic development champion and I think really everyone is going to be excited about it. I think it’s just it says positive all the way around,” said Klein.

                It’s not clear when the lease between Cherry capital Airport and Costco will be complete or how many jobs this would create.

                Both the airport and Costco could still back out of the agreement.