Suttons Bay Public Schools Needs Substitute Teachers and Bus Drivers

A local school district has several positions to fill.

And they’re looking for locals to take charge and help support the schools.

Suttons Bay Public Schools needs help in a few areas — and they want people to consider pitching in.

 “It becomes difficult where you have more than one absent teacher where that substitute position can’t be filled, then you have to get a little bit more creative,” said Suttons Bay Public Schools Superintendent Chris Nelson.

Suttons Bay Public Schools needs people.

Superintendent Chris Nelson says substitute teachers are high on their list, but there may not be enough out there.

“Substitute teachers just seem to be a shortage in general. What we like to have, we like to have people kind of waiting in the wings so if we have somebody in the evening that hey get sick, which happens, we don’t have to cover internally,” Nelson said.

The state requires a substitute teacher to have 90 credit hours from a four-year college or university.

Suttons Bay Public Schools is offering 80 dollars a day.

‘’If you’re a teacher and you have prep time for instance and you’re getting ready for your other classes and you have to step in and help out because a substitute teacher position wasn’t filled, you’re not getting your prep time in.”

It’s not just subbing–

Transportation Director Susan Herman says a new bus route means the school also needs more bus drivers.

“We are putting out another bus so we will need another driver starting November 3. We’re looking to, we have a van that needs to be driven during the day,” Herman said.

Both rewarding jobs — positions Herman says can change how you interact with and impact your community.

“It’s a wonderful job. I’ve been at this job myself for 21 years and to have the kids, it’s rewarding. Just rewarding to them. I’m now driving kids whom I drove their kids.”

If you are interested in applying in substitute teaching or driving, please call the central office at (231) 271-8600.