Northern Michigan Doctors Encourage People to Get Their Flu Shot

Doctors and hospitals are once again urging everyone to get their flu shot this year.

Spectrum Health Big Rapids Hospital says people of all ages should get vaccinated and you should do it before flu season starts.

The flu may sound harmless, but the hospital says it can be serious, even deadly.

The hospital’s family medicine doctor says it can range from a minor cold lasting a few days to life threatening complications.

He says the flu shot can ultimately save a life. 

“What it does is boost the body’s immune system so if  we are exposed we have antibodies that can either help us and prevent us from becoming ill or in a worst case scenario, if we become ill with the influenza our body already has an immune response and we’ll be less sick from the virus.”

Even though children under the age of two and adults over the age of 55 are at higher risk, parents and caregivers should also get the shot.