Traverse City Man Arrested for Extortion, Sex Crimes

Police arrested a Traverse City man for taking videos of women in dressing rooms.

The Traverse City Police Department and Michigan State Police’s Computer Crimes Unit have been working on this case since May.

Police say a lot of work went into catching this man.

They arrested him on a six count felony which includes extortion, having child pornography and using a computer to commit a crime.         

Jesus Rodriguez-Maturino was arrested Monday.

In May, a woman contacted Traverse City Police, saying someone reached out to her on Instagram.

He was threatening to release nude photos of her if she didn’t send him more.

Then in June, Michigan State Police got a call from someone in Alpena saying they found a Tumblr account with more than a hundred videos.

They were all of women in public places around Traverse City.

About six of those videos looked up women’s skirts in dressing rooms.

Through their joint investigation, the two agencies realized they were looking for the same man.

They say they’re seeing crimes like these happening more and more.

“Probably about 50 percent of criminal investigations can have some type of evidence either on electronic devices including computers or cellular phones,” says Michigan State Police detective Greg Hubers.

Police seized multiple computers and cell phones belonging to Rodriguez-Maturino.

That’s when they also found he had child porn.

Rodriguez-Maturino was arraigned Tuesday morning. He faces six felony charges and could see more than 20 years in prison if convicted.

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