Crews in Crawford County Responding to Cabin Explosion Near Frederic

Northern Michigan’s News Leader is on the scene of breaking news in Crawford County after state troopers say an explosion leveled a cabin.

Police say it only took a few moments for the cabin to burn to the ground after an explosion rocked it from inside.

Crews from several fire departments are still working to figure out what happened.

We do know a man was inside when the explosion happened. He was rushed to the hospital and his condition is currently unknown. 

State troopers say the explosion left the cabin in pieces making it hard to figure out exactly what happened.

A witness tells Northern Michigan’s news leader she saw it all happen, and pulled a man out.

State troopers say the cabin exploded on Old 27 just south of the Waters exit off US-127 near Frederic.

The Frederic fire chief says a propane leak caused the cabin to explode.

He says the man inside has severe facial and hand burns.

The renter who lives next door says she saw the house explode and helped grab the man out of the burning home.

“When I went and opened the Jeep door and sat in the truck, I turned around and looked at the home behind me. The roof was up and then all of a sudden it came back down and it sounded like a big explosion.”

We’ll continue to update you on the man’s condition throughout the night on air and online.