Israel Bus Station Attack Leaves One Dead as Unrest Continues

In Israel, two attackers opened fire in a bus station today, killing a soldier and injuring 10 people.

Police say the two gunmen entered the Central Bus Station and began shooting and stabbing people.

Four officers were wounded with a civilian in critical condition.

One of the attackers was shot and killed, the other was shot and wounded

It adds to the already high tensions between Palestine and Israel.

Now, a barrier has been constructed separating Jewish and Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem.

"They are checking us; we don’t feel free at all,” explained Mousa Omar, a Palestinian from Isawiyyah. “And we don’t feel safe either. We can’t go anywhere and they ask us where we go and when we come back. They are putting more pressure on us. I work in a supermarket. I am going to work. Now I have to leave an hour before my work starts to be on time. I feel humiliated being checked this way. I can’t see any end of this situation. It’s a war against all Palestinian people in Jerusalem."

Secretary of State John Kerry is set to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders on the recent violence in the coming days.