West Branch Teen Gives Gift of Life

Evan Kimball just graduated from Ogemaw Heights High School earlier this year.

The crash that took his life happened on Hockaday Road near Wagarville Road in Gladwin County Saturday night.

Now, he’s giving the gift of life to others.

After he died, his family began contacting people they knew in need of a transplant.

“We didn’t make the choice. A lot of people have said to us, ‘oh thank you so much for being so selfless.’ “We’re not the selfless ones, we didn’t do that. Evan, our son, gave of himself he chose to give of himself,” said Evan’s father Ward Kimball.  

Four organ recipients are connected to Evan’s family in some way. A 20 year old man from Florida, the friend of an Aquinas baseball teammates’ father, a Michigan dentist, and a family friend from Northern Michigan.

“I never thought I could be more proud of my son, but this takes the cake. That’s what’s getting us through this, his overwhelming generosity, selflessness,” said Ward.

His family and coaches from Ogemaw Heights High School say that’s just who Evan was, someone full of life always giving back to his community.

“He gave back to his community in a number of different ways from coaching a t-ball team to officiating browns football he was a giver just a great, great young man,” said baseball coach Chris Powley

The family says another 50 to 60 people could be helped by Evan’s tissues.

A celebration of life is planned for this Sunday at 1:30 p.m. at Ogemaw Heights High School.